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Therese Smeal, Murray Kennedy and the builder Bill Whitla

Therese Smeal & Murray Kennedy

Our accountant introduced us to William de Ora as someone with a wealth of knowledge in investment properties, and a person that could guide and advise us in building our property portfolio. William certainly had a lot to live up to.

Firstly, accountants don’t simply recommend anyone to their clients. I have a background in IT and Project Management, and I like to think I have a high level of attention to detail. Both myself, and my wife Therese, are very familiar with building and builders after recently renovating our home, and we were very comfortable in evaluating and cross checking William’s proposals and recommendations regarding our recent purchase of a Queensland property. We also contacted our accountant for his viewpoint before proceeding.

William excelled every step of the way and, having completed our first project and property purchase with him, I can honestly say that he knows what he’s talking about. However, it’s more than what William knows, it’s what he, and his network of professional advisers and property experts deliver.

The entire process, from selecting the location and developer, land and builder, obtaining the required finance, building the house, and through to being introduced to the property manager and handover of the completed property was made effortless by William.

As with any building project, issues arose from time to time, and with these I more often than not turned to William for help in finding a resolution. This was always achieved with a minimum of fuss; from beginning to end, William and everyone associated with the project were easy to work with, honest and transparent, and went out of their way to accommodate us.

Thanks to William, Therese and I are very satisfied with our investment property and would not hesitate to recommend William de Ora to anyone who is looking for guidance in investing in property.

Murray Kennedy and Therese Smeal