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The first meeting

This is a free consultation (hopefully with a cup of tea). We’ll get to know one another, discuss what’s possible and you’ll have the chance to ask questions.

There will be zero pressure from your IPNA Property Consultant, just the facts to help you see the opportunity in front of you. We’ll:

  • Ask you about your goals and when you’d like to achieve them
  • Find out when you want to retire and how much money you believe you’ll need
  • Gather information for our tax accountant and financial planner, so they can talk about ways to minimise your tax burden and retire debt free
  • Discuss with you how you can build a lucrative property portfolio

All we ask is that you come to this meeting with an open mind and a willingness to think differently and to learn what’s possible.

Choosing the right location and community

If you choose to work with IPNA, and our network of professionals, we will challenge you to think big and to see your property portfolio as a business.

Smart property investing has a number of key factors to consider. Firstly, it’s important to know you can purchase a property anywhere in Australia. You’re not limited to buying in your local area. The property must also be affordable for the rental market. What is the job market in the area like? Renters are attracted by an abundance of jobs. Is there good recreation space? Are there good schools locally? And is the government investing in infrastructure?

For these reasons we specialise in getting land that is in the early stages of a master planned community; from developers such as Lend Lease, Mirvac, Stockland, Satterley and Australand.

When you buy within a master plan you’re buying into a community that attracts buyers and renters. A master planned community is very focused on the infrastructure required to provide a good quality of life such as town centres, schools, playing fields, parks, walkways and attractive features. You also benefit from a strict building covenant, which protects the value of your investment. And, of course, it’s important your property achieves capital growth. Investing for capital growth means your property’s value will rise over the medium to long

term because your property is in a desirable area.

Here’s a tip: an investment property needs to be located where there’s high demand for rental properties. This demand pushes up rents; and the higher the rental return, the greater the value of the home.

It’s after great attention to the details that we present a recommendation to you. I make sure you have the right property, in the right location, with the best return on your investment.

Securing the best mortgage for you

Most people select a loan based on the cheapest rates. The mortgage brokers within our network have arranged hundreds of millions of dollars in loans, and they know this is often not the smartest approach.  

With a real understanding of your specific goals, our team recommends the most appropriate loans with the most appropriate lenders. While maximising your flexibility and minimising your risk, they’ll make sure you secure the best mortgage for you.

Financial planning, tax accountants and legal advice

After providing you with a detailed property analysis, including full calculations of the investment opportunity, we’ll put you in touch with independent financial advisors and property law specialists. It’s important that you seek this independent financial and legal advice.

Even after you own your investment property, our specialists will offer you on-going tax advice to ensure you’re doing everything right to build your retirement nest egg.

Contracting the right builders

IPNA focus on helping you build a new home, rather than buying an existing property. We will discuss the benefits of this approach during our first meeting together. For now, we can assure you that:

  • IPNA only select ethical building specialists for our clients.
  • An independent licensed building inspector signs off each design and construction stage.
  • You will be protected with extended warranties and fixed price contracts.
  • Weekly progress updates mean you’re always fully informed.
  • And our end-to-end project management service means no surprises, no hidden costs and no stress.

Peace of mind with the right property managers

It’s all very well becoming the owner of a beautiful investment property. But where are you going to find the time to manage it?

Fear not, as our network of trusted property managers will handle everything. That includes finding, screening and managing tenants, collecting rents and conducting all inspections and property maintenance. So you can focus your time where it matters, on your career and your family.

We know you’re going to have lots of questions. So if you take away just one thing it’s this… From our first meeting to your first tenant and beyond, we will support you all the way.