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If you are looking for hidden hot property deals in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane, William de Ora is your man.

Buying an investment property is very different to buying a home to live in. Because, when you buy an investment property, you must follow your head and not your heart.

Always remember an investment property is not for you to live in. It will be tenanted. And, rather than becoming emotionally attached to the property, you must stay objective.

As your buyer’s agent, William will evaluate potential investment properties for cash flow and capital growth. And with his objectivity, he can create the ideal money making venture for you.

William will:

  • Take care of the entire investment process - from finding the right property to sourcing a trusted property manager
  • Develop a complete understanding of your needs and only suggest properties that will truly suit you
  • Use a logical approach to source only cash flow positive investments that have strong prospects for capital growth
  • Apply his extensive research and analysis into past sales and comparable markets to protect you from paying too much
  • Use his in-depth knowledge of property investment strategy to discuss the implications of investment before you buy
  • Provide recommendations for all relevant services, including solicitors, pest and building control, strata and mortgage brokers.

William is your trusted advisor. He will help you find the right investment property in the right location, and at the right price. It’s the easy way to achieve your dreams.

Saving You Time And Money

Your time if valuable. And spending umpteen hours supervising property inspections or searching the web to guess if a property fits your needs is not how you want to spend it.

With William’s help, you can take the guess work out of buying investment property. He can help you save time, money and stress while avoiding the risk of you making an ill-informed investment decision.

William will seek out the ideal investment property for you, freeing up more of your time to focus on your family and what you really enjoy doing. All safe in the knowledge that your investment is being managed with care.

But William’s support won’t only save you time. His vast contacts in the industry mean he may also be able to negotiate better terms for your investment. He can provide access to a greater range of investment opportunities across the country. And may even offer ‘silent listings’ that have yet to be advertised anywhere else.

Across Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Adelaide the service William provides can help build your property portfolio faster, easier and without the worry. He will be there to support you every step of the way.

Your Next Step

To find out more, contact William de Ora today. With his fixed price service, there are no hidden surprises, just complete and comprehensive property investment advice.

Call 02 9955 8888 or email now to discover how William can offer you the fast track to success.