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Without a cash deposit

Without a cash deposit

Did you know that you could buy an investment property without any cash money being outlaid? If you’re a homeowner or a mortgage holder, using the equity in your own home will help you to invest in a property without the need to come up with cash deposit.

When you work closely with our network of mortgage brokers, who specialises in investment property they know you’ve already done the hard work of saving for your deposit. They also know there will be equity in your home and that it’s important that this is not put at risk.

Your broker can advice you what is the minimum deposit you need for an investment property and with you to ensure that you allow sufficient funds to cover all the associated costs. Such as stamp duty, borrowing fees, and legal fees for settlement. They’ll also guide you in getting a valuation of your home.

It's quite common to hear about people being turned down by a bank for a property investment loan. Even though they feel sure you can afford it. The key is to not be disillusioned if your first approach to a bank is unproductive.

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