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Rodeth & Mark Caoile

As first-time property investors, having William and Louise coach and mentor us has been a massive help.

The thought of purchasing our first property was quite scary, as we had absolutely no experience in this area. And, our judgement was clouded based on the many horror stories we’d read about. We had so many niggling questions like “Are we doing the right thing?” “Can we really afford a property?” “What if we couldn’t get a tenant?”

There were so many unknown factors that we had to navigate through. But with William’s knowledge, and having access to a network of brokers and financial advisors it has made all the difference. Tapping into this network has allowed us to achieve our goal way before we ever thought possible.

From beginning to the end, we have always felt that William and Louise were there to support us, and reassure us.  Knowing that they were only a phone call away gave us peace of mind.

When it came to getting the right tenant – well our property has been leased out within a very short space of time. Again, with the help of William and Louise, we were introduced to the right property management team.

If you want to work with a group of people who will go beyond the call of duty, then we highly recommend William and Louise to anyone who wants to build a property portfolio.