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Ria Sharma & Kamal Kishor

My partner and I always wanted to buy a property in Sydney. The criteria included a property within 45km of CBD Sydney, close to a station, within a growth belt, with a good rental income and potential for decent capital growth. Of course, we also wanted a house with a good sized land. And, all this for under $600,000.A big ask you might say!

We have been thinking of buying a property for about five years. Yes, we could have bought in Brisbane, just to get into the market. We knew it would be hard to buy in Sydney - especially with our wish list.

My partner Kamal is a CPA and I work Financial Services Compliance so we both are analytical / detail oriented. Together we did our research. We talked to people. We read everything we could get our hands on. We wanted to mitigate all possible risks. So we decided to speak to someone, get some expert advice, and this is why we chose to work with a buyer’s agent.

However, I’ll be honest. I am sceptical of buyer’s agents/ sales people as I’ve come across few negative stories. However, I decided not to make an assumption based on what I had heard. Both Kamal and I wanted to work with someone who would take the time to listen, understand our short-term and long-term goals, and definitely we were not interested in anyone who was looking for a quick sale. We spoke with a few buyer’s agent, then we met William de Ora (de Silva).

William not only took the time with us, but he listened, asked us a lot of questions, and was genuinely interested in us, and our future. He never rushed us, and was very personable.

With the current market challenges, you cannot buy in the traditional way. With William, we looked at a lot of different options. We attended open houses, and auctions with him by our side. We discussed not just buying a house for a good price, it was also about evaluating the risks, understanding how the market is performing in the short term, and looking at the long-term capital growth opportunities.

What impressed me was that William took the time to educate us, and informed us of what he was doing. When all the boxes were ticked we proceeded. All in all we are very happy with our purchase.

Why Kamal and I absolutely recommend William de Ora (de Silva) is first and foremost he is honest. Also, he is very good at what does.

It was really reassuring to have William on our side. When we had those niggling little questions, no matter how trivial they may have been, he was always there to answer and support us. William never tried to sell or push any particular agenda just so he could profit from us and move on. This is a quality that is very rare in today’s world.

Even after everything was done and dusted, he is still with us, looking after our best interests. William is genuine, someone you can count on to do the right thing and has a wealth of knowledge.

- Ria Sharma (& Kamal Kishor)